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1978 Jaguar XJ-S

My name is Bernard Embden. Welcome to my Jaguar web site. The total web site consists of 83 links with close to 2000 photographs taken over the last 28 years. (You can see me physically age before your eyes (smile). This website is ongoing. It's purpose is to provide detailed information based on my personal experiences while working on, and modifying, an automobile that I have owned since 1980. No routine maintenance procedure is covered unless it differs from the Jaguar ROM. All links contain detailed photographs. Those of you with dial-up connections will experience some delay. In some cases, slow dial up connections might not load all links consistently.

When this website was started dial up connections were the norn. (smile)

Below is a picture of my 1978 Jaguar XJ-S (with 69K miles). This photograph shows the addition of the later style (HE) bumpers, Euro headlights with wipers and starfish wheels. The car continues to evolve as seen in the photographs of this website.

I have photographs and procedures of my modifications and or solutions detailed in separate links below. Also included are current pictures of my car along with pictures of the person who has taken many of these photographs over many years. Her name is Samantha. (she is also my daughter).

If you are a Jaguar enthusiast, and own one of these fine automobiles/beasts, I encourage you to join a Jaguar XJ-S and V-12 engine discussion List. The list I recommend can be accessed at :

This lists provide the cumulative knowledge of all their list members, most of whom are knowledgeable helpful people.

Also recommended is downloading and reading Kirby Palm's book. This book chronicles the experiences and solutions (primarily from Jaguar and V-12 discussion lists) of Jaguar XJ-S and Jaguar V-12 engine owners worldwide. You can download his book at :

In addressing the hot start problem that seem to plague almost all Pre-HE V-12 Jaguars, the single most important modification that I made was the fabrication of a redesigned fuel rail.

Note: this is a Pre-HE car. This modification does not apply to the later (HE) cars where Jaguar designed solutions to address this problem. Other modifications/solutions however, apply to any Jaguar XJ-S. If you are interested in my fuel rail fabrication, or any other of my modifications, please access the appropriate links.

Picture of my redesigned Fuel Rail  

Fabrication of redesigned Fuel Rail.  

Installation of New Radiator and Drain Petcock.

Pictures of my 20 Year Old clogged up Radiator

Solid fan clutch replacement

Installing Rear Speakers

Installation of Coolant Recovery System

Right angle speedometer gear elimination

Replacing the Fuel Injector Hoses

Bonnet Strut Fix

Gas Cap modification

Axuliary Fuse Box Replacement

Rebuilding Front Hubs

Rebuilding Ball Joints

Replacing Rack and modifying Rack Bushings

Oil pan plug Safety Wire

Repairing Front Spring Support

Transmission Cooler & B&M Oil Pan Installation

Interior Modifications

Cam Tensioner Plug Replacement

Oil Banjo Bolt washers Replacement

Aluminum half-moon Seal and Valve Cover Gasket Install.

Ignition Amplifier Replacement

Bonding outside Rear View Mirrors

Timing Chain Tensioner Operation

Headliner Replacement

Modifying Fan Shroud

Installing Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips.

Adjusting the Manifold Pressure Sensor.

A/C Upgrade and Rebuild

Converting from R12 to R134

Replacing A/C Compressor Rear "O" Rings

Installing a Parallel Flow Condenser

Hood (Bonnet) Hoist System

Garage workspace project

A/C Center Vent Upgrade

Installing Cold Air Intake System.

Replacing AAV with Idle Control Device

Removing Dents From Body

Air Rail Removal

Hubcentric Adapters

Rim Tire Upgrade Decision

Installing 17" Rims/Tires

Installing Gear Reduction Starter

Visor Clip Repair

Rebuilding The Fuel Injector Harness

Installing a Fuel Injector Test Block

Replacing Oil Cooler Hoses

Replacing Front Crankshaft Seal

Replacing and Relocating the Alternator

Replacing and Upgrading the Brake Reservoir.

Adding Chrome To The Fuel Cooler.

Installing a Dead Pedal.

Adjusting the Differential Pinion Pre-Load.

Building an Engine Support.

Relocating The Power Steering Cooler.

Removing the Front Suspension Cradle.

Replacing Bottom Engine Gaskets.

Replacing Front Suspension Mounts and Bushings.

Upgrading To An Electronic Speedometer.

Installing PCV Air/Oil Separator Filter.

Replacing The Radio.

Single Versus Dual Pass Radiator Decision.

Modifying the Transmission Mount.

Repairing The A/C Control Switch.

Replacing The AC Compressor Clutch.

Testing and Replacing the Throttle Switch.

Replacing The HVAC Blower Modules.

Fabricating A New Fuse Panel.

Replacing The Main Fuse Box.

Activating The Fog Light Switch

Searching For Diodes

Installing Manual HVAC Switches

Installing Fuel Pressure Gauge inside Engine

Difference Between Torque and Horsepower

More Power for the V-12

XJS Cluster Wiring Diagram

My car and its Photographer



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