Modifications to interior of my 1978 XJ-S

I removed the drivers ashtray, (I don't smoke and I don't inhale). I installed two gauges in the old ashtray location. One gauge is for fuel pressure, the other is a digital voltmeter. The gauges are installed underneath the console fascia, angled towards the driver.

I then removed the cigarette lighter and fabricated a plate and installed two switches and indicator lights in its place. One switch deactivates the automatic power antenna the other switch turns on my fog lamps.

Next I wanted to replace the steering wheel. I had replaced this steering wheel some time ago, but this new one that I had purchased looked better. Removal of the old steering wheel required my conventional steering wheel puller to be placed under the steering wheel. The steering wheel is then attached to the hub via long bolts.

A few turns on the puller and the wheel hub should come off easily.

With the steering wheel off I had an opportunity to address a minor problem. The smaller steering wheel obscured the turn signal indicator lights. My solution was to install additional indicator lights that were visible at all times. I went to Radio Shack (discount electronic store in the US) and purchased two green 12-volt indicator lights. I mounted them in the tabs that cover the instrument cluster installation screws. (yellow arrows photograph below) Wires from the lights were then soldered to the dashboard circuit board that controls the original turn signal lights.

The new steering wheel required a ground connection to activate the horn button. There is no such provision. I fabricated a ground connection. (red arrow second photographs below).

New steering wheel installed with horn ground adapter installed under the wheel hub retaining screw.

Attach the appropriate wires for the horn button. Excess wiring is easily folded into hub recess. (photograph below).

Attach horn button assembly. The leather steering wheel consists of two different color leather coverings.

Interior console modifications complete.

New steering wheel install completed. I chose this steering wheel style because it matches the XJ-S Pre-HE interior perfectly.

Interior modifications complete.

Changing how a car looks is always subjective. Switches, gauges and indicator lights sometimes have to be added due to non-original parts (smaller steering wheel) or failure to locate HVAC diodes. The challenge is always to integrate these changes as tastefully as possible. I personally like this interior.


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