Replacing Front Suspension Mounts and Bushings

The Jaguar XJ-S's front suspension cradle is attached to the cars' frame by four rubber mounts. Replacing these mounts require that the engine is supported and the front suspension cradle removed.

To support the engine and remove the front suspension cradle: See Building an engine support and Removing the suspension cradle links on this website.

This project would also include replacing the engine mounts, anti-roll bar bushings and end links.

Close examination of the front eye bushings reveal that this project was long overdue.

The eye bushings are held in place by two bolts that compress the cradle's support around them. Loosen the bolts and extract the old bushings.

(Photograph below). Make sure you recover the inner sleeve. This has to be reused.

Offer new bushings to front suspension cradle fitting.

If the bushings cannot be installed, expand the bushing strap with a suitable device. I used an old chisel. (red arrow photograph below)

Center the new bushing to suspension cradle fitting and tighten.

Clean the old inner sleeve recovered prior and insert inside the new bushing.

With the front suspension cradle removed the front anti-roll bar bushings are easily assessable. Remove the front anti-roll bar and replace the rubber bushings. (photographs below)

Replace anti-roll bar end link bushings. Note: these bushings are unique to the Jaguar, generic bushings should not be used.

Replace right and left engine mounts

Do not forget to re-install the engine mounts fiber washers (red arrow photograph below).

Install new suspension cradle rear mounts to frame.

Offer front eye bushings to car frame and install bolts. Do not tighten.

Using a floor jack, move the suspension cradle up to the frame by rotating against the front eye bushing assemblies, and secure the two rear mount screws.

Tighten all suspension cradle nuts and bolts. Release engine from engine support. Attach and tighten engine mounts.

Project Complete.



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