Repairing Visor Support Clip

The Visor support clip on my 1978 Jaguar XJ-S came apart. This part is notorious for breaking, primarily due to poor design.

My initial reaction was to purchase a replacement clip, however, why not try to fix this part permanently?

The objective was to repair this part so it functioned as the original did, while making it stronger than the original.

I removed the broken visor clip, including the part that remained in the attachment point recess (red arrow photograph below).

The photograph below shows the broken mounting clip attachment (red arrow). This is the part that invariably separates from the main clip (yellow arrow).

I decided to fabricate a mounting base for the broken visor clip. First I cut a section of galvanized sheet metal.

Metal section should be approximately 2 x 1/2 inch.

Using the clip base as a template, I marked the metal section as in the photograph below.

Bend each corner of the metal section so that it will fit inside of the visor clip base. Cut and trim the metal as needed

Push the modified and shaped metal inside the clip base. It should be slightly recessed inside the base. Drill through the visor and metal on both sides with an 1/8" drill bit. (green arrow photograph below).

Pop rivet both sides with 1/8 pop rivets. Use black rivets or paint the rivet heads black. (photographs below).

(Photograph below) Using the existing mounting hole as a guide, drill through the center of the metal. This will be the new mounting hole.

The clip needs a "standoff" to mount properly. This allows the clip to be attached without compressing the headliner. I used the plastic cap from a switch. (red arrow photograph below) Note that several small washers will also work.

Using the old broken visor attachment as a guide, I removed some material on my grinding wheel until I had the correct height for the new "standoff" (yellow arrows photographs below).

Attach repaired visor clip to its mounting location

Project complete.

The repaired visor clip is now stronger than the original.



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