Transmission Oil Cooling.

Keeping the Jaguar XJ-S transmission oil cool is critical. I installed a transmission cooler and a larger (deeper) transmission oil pan. Space limitations challenge mounting locations for a transmission cooler, so after trying several locations I finally mounted the transmission cooler to the lower grill approx. 4 inches forward of the engine oil cooler. (yellow arrow photograph below).

This location allows maximum airflow to the radiator. (photographs below). I recommend that the transmission cooler be installed in series with the radiator cooler. (Note location of my air horns).

Photographed below is the transmission mount. Why (do you ask) is there a photograph of the transmission mount?

Because you have to remove the transmission mount and exhaust pipes just to get access to the transmission oil pan.

Note: This mount is a unique Jaguar design and is under significant spring pressure


Access to the transmission mount starts by disconnecting the exhaust pipes (blue arrows) at the down exhaust pipe connections.

Before attempting to remove the transmission mount the spring pressure must be relieved by supporting the transmission mount in the center (red arrow), with a floor jack. Only then should the transmission mount support bolts (green arrow) be removed. Once these four bolts are removed the floor jack can be lowered and the transmission mount removed from the transmission.

Next was the replacement of the oil pan. (photographs below of the old and new oil pans). The new pan, manufactured by B&M is approx. 2" deeper than the original, with small ribs along the bottom surface. This deeper pan holds approx. 3 quarts more than the original.

The new oil pan requires a longer oil pickup extension to accommodate the deeper oil pan. (Photographed below).

The oil pickup O-ring inside the transmission should be changed. This is a real PIA to remove. I used a small dental pick. (green arrow photograph below).

Install new filter with extended oil pickup tube. (red arrow photograph below). Make sure new O-ring is installed. Note the disconnected exhaust pipes, necessary to gain clearance for transmission mount removal.

There are a number of small fiddly parts that are required to install the pan and transmission mount. Make sure they are at hand before you start installing the new pan. You don't want to be looking for stuff while you are under the car holding the pan up.

(Photograph below) Attach oil pan gasket to oil pan using pan bolts in every other hole. No sealant of any kind should be used to hold the gasket to the oil pan.

Install all bolts finger tight except the two rear bolts (green arrows photograph below). Tighten progressively.

Two rear bolts require spacers as they are attached with the forward part of the rear transmission mount.

The rear transmission mount uses a rubber damper at the base on the transmission mount coil spring. This should be considered a service item. Replace if in doubt or damaged.

B&M oil pan installation completed. Note close clearance between deeper pan and the left exhaust pipe. (yellow arrow photograph below). Pipe had to be massaged slightly to provide adequate clearance.


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