A Place To Mount My iPhone

For a long time I have searched for a place to keep my iPhone while driving the Macan and always came up empty of ideas. I have wired CarPlay, and the ideal location was always in the center compartment bin, however that bin is too small, and with the CarPlay cable attached to the phone, the lid would not close.

I also wanted to actually see my phone, primarily so that I would be reminded to take my phone with me whenever I exited the vehicle. A worthwile solution provided by an Internet entrepreneur, where the MagSafe magnetic holder and charger are placed within the ashtray compartment looked promising. My issue with that location is that it is too high and it is intrusive in an area where I normally rest or move my hands to.

I kept going back to one ideal location that met all my requirements.

The ideal location for me was on the CD cover.

This location is only possible if you have an iPhone with the MagSafe technology. For Android phones a case and metal back would be required.

Note that this modification / project might not be for everyone. Some vehicle owners consider any type of modification to be blasphemous. My vehicle is not a museum; I consider any modification that has value to me as worthwhile.

This project requires attaching a magnetic ring to the leather (or leather like material) on your CD door. This ring, attached with double sided tape, is removable but might prove to be an issue. In IMHO, this ring does not in any way detract from the esthetics of the interior and I considered it a permanent installation with no intention of removing it.

Initially I wanted to attach a MagSafe charging ring to the CD cover, but the power wiring associated with the charger made the installation impossible at this location. That however was not a deal breaker. My iPhone battery easily lasts more than one day, so the project was scaled back to installing the magnetic ring only.

Wiring to this location from the center console bin to establish CarPlay would not be an issue, as I planned to install wireless CarPlay in a future project.

The project starts with the purchase of a Salex Magnetic Phone Mount. (Photographed below)

Examination of the Salex package (photographed below) reveals the magnetic ring (red arrow) two metal rings (green arrows) and one double sided tape. (white arrow) along with two packs of alcohol cleaning packages.

To get adequate room to work, make sure you are on a level surface. Start the vehicle, apply the e-brake, move the gearshift down to drive and then shut the engine off. (photographs below)

Offer the magnetic ring to the CD door. Note that when the CD door opens, it has very little clearance between the door and the top of the gear shift console. (green arrow).

In order for the CD door to open unobstructed, the magnetic ring has to be centered and placed as far up on the CD door as possible. (photograph below)

The chrome accent is centered on the CD door. Measuring the chrome accent indicates that it is 2.5 inches wide. A piece of painters tape attached to the chrome accent provided me with the ability to mark the center at 1.25 inches. (red arrow photographs below)

Clean the area thoroughly where the magnetic ring will be attached with the alcohol swab provided.

You will only have one chance at this. Using the center mark as a guide (and using both hands) eyeball the center location mark on the painters tape and, right up against the chrome accent trim of the CD door, press the magnetic ring firmly in position. Then open the CD door and while supporting the back of the door press firmly around the magnetic ring to ensure a good seal. (photographs below)

With Magnetic Ring firmly attached, test CD draw opening. It should open freely just clearing the top of the gearshift console.

Initial testing revealed a potential problem. The spring that holds the CD door closed is engineered for the CD door weight only. Attaching a phone, even a phone weighing only 6 ounces, put the spring at it limit. On a test drive the CD door remained closed, however while going over a bump the top of the door opened ever so slightly. This was unacceptable.

A fix was required.

This CD compartment is rarely if ever used. I have no intention of upgrading the maps as my phone is always up to date. I stopped playing CDs a long time ago. I decided to attach Velcro to the door opening. This would apply some resistance to opening the CD door, while still allowing the CD door to open when needed.

The ideal location for the Velcro strip was the sides of the CD door. However the rubber bump stopes were in the way. I briefly considered removing the bump stops, but in the interest of changing as little as possible, I decided to keep them. I ultimately decided to apply the Velcro in the top middle of the CD door.

Clean (with alcohol) inside of door and the location above the CD player where the Velcro strips will be attached and attach Velcro grip and release strips to the appropriate areas of the CD door and the area above the CD player. (white arrows photographs below).

Project complete.

As an added bonus you can actually see how fast you are driving.

Drive Safe.



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